Sunday, 22 March 2015

Challenges Faced in Front of Fleet Owners?

Being in market for more than 3 years, I have met with loads of fleet owners and m consistently having a good prospects list, the dream at the very start of my planning gives me a huge expectations but ploddingly the people are afraid of accepting the very necessary technology, Its like one's mouth is filled with chilli and honey is right in front of him, but he is frightened of becoming a sugar patient.

Few Patient’s obligations which I came across with:

"Since my business is running fine from last few years & decades I know how to do business”.
—> I don’t have any doubt about your ability sir but try to change and adapt the new technology. If we are fail to prove, we’ll repay you back.

“Rates are high"
—> Ok lets negotiate, More and more, now tell me.
“Ok I’ll think and let you now”
—> I am waiting for few response since last 3 years :(

“The cost of other Vendor is offering half the rate of yours and everything is exactly same”.
—> Oh Really sir, if such is the case please go ahead and let me know the number so that I can also buy the same from them. Later….. I don’t find any VTS in their vehicles

“Everything is from Xhina and your product too”
—> Lets have the demo sir, We believe in proving things, Unless and until you are satisfied with us. We are manufacturers and quite confident about our technology.

“After having Meeting and gaining hopes, there are people who later don’t receive calls.”
—> Please pick up my call, Say No at-least… calls…. sms's… Ok I guess I am blocked :P

“Call me Later”
—> Call Call Call Call.. for a change, sms sms sms…seen Movie, motivated...I should go and meet directly…….
“Come after one week and please let me know once you are coming"
—> New Hopes… Call Call Call….and at last **********

“Give me demo for 3 months”
—>Generally we don’t agree but Ok Sir lets start the process
“Give me 5 demos”
—>No sir this is No ball ;)

“This is good I appreciate but currently don’t have money”
—> R u kidding me sir, Is that your new Audi behind your fortuner and beside my second hand scooter.

Everything was going so good but Plan is Postponed
—>Hain??? Pin drop silence

What Quality? What Warranty? What Services? the other person is also giving in a much cheaper pice
—> May be Sir, but my experience says, you will call me in 3-4 months, and believe me I have had such calls and they are my happy customers.

“I need Vehicle’s other info too”.
—> Ok sir like…
"AC is ON or Off”
—> Ok Sir very Much Possible.
“At what Gear, vehicle is moving"
—> Ok
 "Driver was drunk or not”
“Is there anyone else in the vehicle"
"I want to hear conversations”
“Rates Should be same”
—> “Khel Rahe ho Sir hamare saath”, you are toying with me Sir.

The Central problem is people have created one comfort zone for themselves and are very timid in taking any step to change, Gratification in business is not productive and the day you are satisfied, will be the last day of your growth.

But But But, We trust and have a very strong vision in our manufactured vehicle tracking system, HUNT, With continuous upgradation and improvements, we have proved and are spreading in the market faster than before. And there are people who understand the quality and tend to change, and plan the new ways to grow and we at our end try our best to find the unique personalities in market and we believe in
“Try and Try, again and again, if not today We’ll get tomorrow”.