Sunday, 22 March 2015

Challenges Faced in Front of Fleet Owners?

Being in market for more than 3 years, I have met with loads of fleet owners and m consistently having a good prospects list, the dream at the very start of my planning gives me a huge expectations but ploddingly the people are afraid of accepting the very necessary technology, Its like one's mouth is filled with chilli and honey is right in front of him, but he is frightened of becoming a sugar patient.

Few Patient’s obligations which I came across with:

"Since my business is running fine from last few years & decades I know how to do business”.
—> I don’t have any doubt about your ability sir but try to change and adapt the new technology. If we are fail to prove, we’ll repay you back.

“Rates are high"
—> Ok lets negotiate, More and more, now tell me.
“Ok I’ll think and let you now”
—> I am waiting for few response since last 3 years :(

“The cost of other Vendor is offering half the rate of yours and everything is exactly same”.
—> Oh Really sir, if such is the case please go ahead and let me know the number so that I can also buy the same from them. Later….. I don’t find any VTS in their vehicles

“Everything is from Xhina and your product too”
—> Lets have the demo sir, We believe in proving things, Unless and until you are satisfied with us. We are manufacturers and quite confident about our technology.

“After having Meeting and gaining hopes, there are people who later don’t receive calls.”
—> Please pick up my call, Say No at-least… calls…. sms's… Ok I guess I am blocked :P

“Call me Later”
—> Call Call Call Call.. for a change, sms sms sms…seen Movie, motivated...I should go and meet directly…….
“Come after one week and please let me know once you are coming"
—> New Hopes… Call Call Call….and at last **********

“Give me demo for 3 months”
—>Generally we don’t agree but Ok Sir lets start the process
“Give me 5 demos”
—>No sir this is No ball ;)

“This is good I appreciate but currently don’t have money”
—> R u kidding me sir, Is that your new Audi behind your fortuner and beside my second hand scooter.

Everything was going so good but Plan is Postponed
—>Hain??? Pin drop silence

What Quality? What Warranty? What Services? the other person is also giving in a much cheaper pice
—> May be Sir, but my experience says, you will call me in 3-4 months, and believe me I have had such calls and they are my happy customers.

“I need Vehicle’s other info too”.
—> Ok sir like…
"AC is ON or Off”
—> Ok Sir very Much Possible.
“At what Gear, vehicle is moving"
—> Ok
 "Driver was drunk or not”
“Is there anyone else in the vehicle"
"I want to hear conversations”
“Rates Should be same”
—> “Khel Rahe ho Sir hamare saath”, you are toying with me Sir.

The Central problem is people have created one comfort zone for themselves and are very timid in taking any step to change, Gratification in business is not productive and the day you are satisfied, will be the last day of your growth.

But But But, We trust and have a very strong vision in our manufactured vehicle tracking system, HUNT, With continuous upgradation and improvements, we have proved and are spreading in the market faster than before. And there are people who understand the quality and tend to change, and plan the new ways to grow and we at our end try our best to find the unique personalities in market and we believe in
“Try and Try, again and again, if not today We’ll get tomorrow”.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Immense Power Of GPS

Change With GPS  --> Choose your Partner --> Increase in Growth --> Increase in Productivity --> Increase in Profit --> Increase in TurnOver --> Increase in Happiness.

Why Change is required with GPS: 
GPS is for tracking and Tracking is important to have a an eye on your business and so on your employee, same as you take care of your child for good future. Keeping an eye on your business will increase the probability of success. GPS is required to know your drivers's behaviour, to know the hidden truth, to increase your client's faith, and to have a clear idea that where the hell are you stopped from your success. Add Sugar to your business before someone else will do.

Choose your Partner: There are number of GPS vendors present in the market, not a manufacturer, but just a distributer, who are not only taking your trust from you but also effecting economy of india, it depends how much you prefer quality and its sustainability. Take your time to choose your best partner and one who can grow your business and be a best part in stepping stone of your success.

Increase in Growth:
 If you want to grow in life its important that your below one's work hard for their own success. Your growth is directly proportional to your employee's growth. We have seen and can assure you through our research that, GPS plays a very promising role and have ability to increase your business, It can give you the perfect measurement of your current scenario and can make you sure to have more growth by filling the holes of your Path, and make you run fast in the path of success.

Increase in Productivity:
GPS has the ability to grow your business and to increase your productivity, It increases your speed of work, force and management. Through its live performance and reporting, you can compare your past and present and can easily forecast your future and can plan accordingly. Productivity is measured every year and each day's growth is important and must be measured. Quick actions taken on time will reduce your delays and can increase your profit on daily basis.

Increase in Profit:
Business is all about potential and GPS is one which help you to know your own potential. You have positive attitude in your business, and you are just required to give some extra efforts to be a winner, to be an entrepreneur. 10%(Say) increase is also a profit, but if there is a possibility of 40% than we must except the truth that, there is a loss of 30%. Through Daily reporting and reducing the vehicle's Idling, geofence breaking and unnecessary delays, GPS makes it sure that you are not far away from your deserved profit.

Increase in TurnOver:
Its good to be a businessmen but its best if there is a gradual increase in business, GPS is one which can take you to the next level, without delaying and forcing you to go step by step but to give you a boom of success in quick succession. Don't think it as an expense but except it as an investment, It assure you that it will grow you high and ROI won't take more than 3 months.

Increase in Happiness:
The world is beautiful and is filled with happiness, and my friend happiness is today and you can never wait for the right time. When we get a good result in our exam or appreciation for our work, or simply when things go in a right direction, we get a good feeling inside us. To all the fleet owners, happiness in your life is dependent on your business and GPS is a magic stick which have the probability to increase your business and make your life in regards of money, Growth, Productivity and profit a wonderful and prosperous.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Guaranteed ROI for Fleet Owners

One moves ahead in life with some hopes and achieve its goals due to some believes, one who runs business have courage and faith on his own's ability. When a person invests on any business or in shares or buying land or property etc, There is one thing in common on one's investment and that is RETURNS. Money invested or risk taken is only measured on returns.
An investment on any business is always a risk and depends upon various factors like place, customers presence, competitors, Pricing and quality, in a same manner different investments have various positive and negative points. I have heard from many people "High Risk High Return", This may be true but being a business analyst I follow "Don't Waste  your time, looking for GET quick Rich schemes". Money makes money and think hundred of times before investing a small amount also. Money is earned with a large amount of hard-work, may be by your ancestors and it must be used with full care and attention.
For a fleet owner, his business is dependent on his vehicle's total run, more the vehicle run, more the kilometres will be covered and more could be a profit. A Fleet owner can view his success in transportation or mining or logistics or in any kind of fleet business, through the total run of his vehicle, but only due to drivers  and waste of time, his flow of money is not as same as his vision of success.

To make you sure on returns on investment here are some Calculations:
  1. Considering a vehicle runs 250 KM/ Day (25Km/hour X 10 hour).
  2. 10% misappropriate utilisation and route deviation savings based on research and real time scenarios which equals 25KM/Day.
  3. Idling time based on real time scenarios is 2 hours(at-least). 2 hours X 25km/hour equals 50KM/Day more run.

From point 2:
Calculating according to current fuel pricing, which is RS.55/Ltr.
Average of vehicle 3KM/Litre.
Total waste = Total misappropriate utilization/average of vehicle => 25/3 => 8.33 Ltr/day equals 8.33 X 55 = 458 Rs/ Day.

From point 3:
50 KM which driver could have run his vehicle more.
Taking a fleet owner earning Rs 5 on every KM vehicle Runs.
50 KM X 5 =  250 Rs/ Day

From above 2 calculations: 458 + 250 = 708 Rs/ Day.
Taking 25 working days: 708 X 25 = 17700/ Month.

I have taken numbers on minimum basis, we have seen vehicles running more than 250KM/day and also seen stoppages of 4 to 6 hours on average.

A Fleet owner must understand these figures and can make it possible only through GPS system. An investment proving very easily the Returns. Having examples and experience on same, made possible for various fleet owners, their vision into success. A fleet owner investing lakhs of money on his vehicles and staff but adding an extra bit to their vehicle can give them a great difference. We continuously proving from last 2 years and investing on same technology coz we see returns on our investment and it makes us happy on seeing others, making good returns on their investment through our product HUNT.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Add Sugar today to your business

Just think of a life without Sugar,

A morning Tea without sugar, Sweets after Food Without Sugar, Ice-cream without sugar, how would be our life, if we don't add sugar into it.
A tea is good to make us active, but adding sugar gives it a taste, increases its value, increases its charm. An ice-cream with different flavours and taste is worthless unless we have sugar with it.
A Vehicle Runs and we love to have vehicle, Personal or having same for business. A long drive without songs or AC is nothing but compromise. Luxury in life increases, when we do trust and understand the science, its power and new technologies, which not only makes our life easy but also help us to grow fast without compromising the enjoyments of life.

How GPS acts as a Sugar for different fleet owners:
Without Sugar: My friend is having her family business at bhopal and having a fleet of around 500, apart from that they are having contacts with different transporters so that they can have a mutual business relationship and helps each other and trying not to run any vehicle without goods.
With Sugar : Good that transporters have bondings, but on further research, drivers take more than double the time that he should take for a trip, which not only reduces the speed of growth but also reduces the trust of goods owner, which helps the competitor to take advantage. Also It has been seen that drivers not only delay but many a times try to sell some of the goods at very cheaper rate, as we are aware of corruption acts as RBC and is mixed in blood. GPS reduces time of trip, GPS reduces unnecessary Stoppages, GPS increases Trust, GPS helps to grow, GPS helps to have an eye and can monitor vehicle and its goods.

Without Sugar: To and fro business, completely dependent on trips, sometime vehicle completes its trip in a day or some times it takes more than double, triple or even more, depends upon personal work that driver have, He don't think about loss that vehicle owner bears, he is illiterate and selling extra couple of diesel will solve his personal needs.
With Sugar: GPS helps to have complete idea, about delays, about drivers personal needs, and can increase trips if proper action is taken. Just few steps after implementing GPS to have a increase in daily growth, Software as per current workings, Customisation as per business needs,gives the ability to grow fast in an organised manner.

Without Sugar: Many times I had missed my bus for school, sometime due to tyre puncher or due to some unavoidable delays. My family and loved one's were usually anxious about the situation.
With Sugar :  Security increases as school management have controls of Rush driving or over speeding and take care of students reaching home on time and Additionally, sending important messages of bus arrival departure or in case of some delays notifying parents, just to ensure that child's safety is most important for any school and parent.

Without Sugar: Risk Not only for girls but as robbery and dacoits, guys too are not safe and Its better to take halt or wait till morning. Sometimes requires to bear double the charge.
With Sugar: Panic button integration in GPS to increase security, and live monitoring by owner to increase trust for his own business. Proper following of route and safety concerns could be the only option for drivers.

Without Sugar: Drivers do reach on time at hospital as they have siren facility. After call for ambulance at accident spot it do reach as fast as it can reach certain amount of distance.
With Sugar: Hospital management will get to know few minutes earlier of reaching patient. Nearest Ambulance as per priority could be send at accident spot, and taking shortest or non-traffic route, increasing the probability of saving life.

Without Sugar: Travelling is common and lots of people travels from place to place, Delays are common, due to improper network, there is always situation of worry, tension by the loved ones.
With Sugar: Proper information of exact location, and proper notifications of Delays, A message before departure from source and a message before arrival to destination to care takers.

GPS is not the one that should only be seen for business prospects, but it is one to make one's life easy, knowing you and your business, your way in life and potential to grow. Robust and Sustainable product and easily adaptable software as per current business and need.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Importance of Customization

I have been meeting with many fleet owners from last two years and always my aim is to give them the best and complete set of applications which could fulfil the requirements as per their business and need. We are manufacturers and service providers of VTS named as HUNT,   to know the vehicle's live location and history of the driver's performance. The experience which I have gained so far can be related as:
Every school have different classes,
Every class have different Subjects,
Every subject have different Chapters,
Every Chapter have different Sections,
and no Section is related to other section
Every business have different Type,
Every Type of business have different Domain,
Every Domain have different Need,
Different Need is sufficed by Different Solution,
and Every solution have different plan of action.

Fleet owners to suffice their need makes different plan of action and so they wish to have a complete solution when planning to have VTS for their fleet. We have expertise and full control on software which makes it easy for us to provide the best possible solution as per the need of client. From basic reports to any requirement we till now from last two years have given our 100 percent and satisfied all the clients.

Few are things which we have tried from our side and it got more advanced after meeting with client and their requirement:
InnoVita: Given the distance report to know the distance traveled by vehicle each day.
Client: Calculation of distance on every hour basis.
InnoVita: Made an application and Satisfied client.

InnoVita: Trip Calculation to know the time taken by driver to go from Source to Destination.
Client: I have more destination and destination is not fixed.
InnoVita: Made an application and Satisfied Client.

InnoVita: Shown the track and route followed by driver.
Client: Want to see the stoppages at the same time when watching the route followed.
InnoVita: Made mechanism and Satisfied Client.

InnoVita: Total run in addition with stoppages as one report
Client: Total run, Fuel filled, Average, expenses and per KM profit/loss.
Innovita: Relieved after Satisfaction of client.

InnoVita: Provision of alerts as when vehicle is at any particular location or in case of any violations.
Client: Need to know immediately, if vehicle halted for, say 30 minutes.
InnoVita: Given alerts and found ROI for clients is now much faster.

InnoVita: Given sms notification to parents about child's location in Schools
Client: To add service want an android app for parents.
InnoVita: Made one Android application for parents. Parents can see the live location of their child's bus now.

InnoVita: RFID facility to have automatic attendance of students of School.
Client: Want to Notify parents also through Android App.
InnoVita: Notified parents and hence School staff and parents are pleased with our service.

InnoVita: Just not software but something you fall in love with.
Client: Agreed and Appreciates
InnoVita: Keep trying its best.

Keeping in mind that Nothing is perfect in this world and so we always keep trying very best to give the best service and application to have better feel and ease of work. We have our own goals and ideas and we keep pushing ourself without comparing with others but we see the differences when our client compares and they have no choice but InnoVita.
Feeling blessed and thanks to god that we have a complete knowledge and always satisfied our client by giving the best and exactly as per the required Customization.