Friday, 26 September 2014

Importance of Customization

I have been meeting with many fleet owners from last two years and always my aim is to give them the best and complete set of applications which could fulfil the requirements as per their business and need. We are manufacturers and service providers of VTS named as HUNT,   to know the vehicle's live location and history of the driver's performance. The experience which I have gained so far can be related as:
Every school have different classes,
Every class have different Subjects,
Every subject have different Chapters,
Every Chapter have different Sections,
and no Section is related to other section
Every business have different Type,
Every Type of business have different Domain,
Every Domain have different Need,
Different Need is sufficed by Different Solution,
and Every solution have different plan of action.

Fleet owners to suffice their need makes different plan of action and so they wish to have a complete solution when planning to have VTS for their fleet. We have expertise and full control on software which makes it easy for us to provide the best possible solution as per the need of client. From basic reports to any requirement we till now from last two years have given our 100 percent and satisfied all the clients.

Few are things which we have tried from our side and it got more advanced after meeting with client and their requirement:
InnoVita: Given the distance report to know the distance traveled by vehicle each day.
Client: Calculation of distance on every hour basis.
InnoVita: Made an application and Satisfied client.

InnoVita: Trip Calculation to know the time taken by driver to go from Source to Destination.
Client: I have more destination and destination is not fixed.
InnoVita: Made an application and Satisfied Client.

InnoVita: Shown the track and route followed by driver.
Client: Want to see the stoppages at the same time when watching the route followed.
InnoVita: Made mechanism and Satisfied Client.

InnoVita: Total run in addition with stoppages as one report
Client: Total run, Fuel filled, Average, expenses and per KM profit/loss.
Innovita: Relieved after Satisfaction of client.

InnoVita: Provision of alerts as when vehicle is at any particular location or in case of any violations.
Client: Need to know immediately, if vehicle halted for, say 30 minutes.
InnoVita: Given alerts and found ROI for clients is now much faster.

InnoVita: Given sms notification to parents about child's location in Schools
Client: To add service want an android app for parents.
InnoVita: Made one Android application for parents. Parents can see the live location of their child's bus now.

InnoVita: RFID facility to have automatic attendance of students of School.
Client: Want to Notify parents also through Android App.
InnoVita: Notified parents and hence School staff and parents are pleased with our service.

InnoVita: Just not software but something you fall in love with.
Client: Agreed and Appreciates
InnoVita: Keep trying its best.

Keeping in mind that Nothing is perfect in this world and so we always keep trying very best to give the best service and application to have better feel and ease of work. We have our own goals and ideas and we keep pushing ourself without comparing with others but we see the differences when our client compares and they have no choice but InnoVita.
Feeling blessed and thanks to god that we have a complete knowledge and always satisfied our client by giving the best and exactly as per the required Customization.

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