Saturday, 27 September 2014

Add Sugar today to your business

Just think of a life without Sugar,

A morning Tea without sugar, Sweets after Food Without Sugar, Ice-cream without sugar, how would be our life, if we don't add sugar into it.
A tea is good to make us active, but adding sugar gives it a taste, increases its value, increases its charm. An ice-cream with different flavours and taste is worthless unless we have sugar with it.
A Vehicle Runs and we love to have vehicle, Personal or having same for business. A long drive without songs or AC is nothing but compromise. Luxury in life increases, when we do trust and understand the science, its power and new technologies, which not only makes our life easy but also help us to grow fast without compromising the enjoyments of life.

How GPS acts as a Sugar for different fleet owners:
Without Sugar: My friend is having her family business at bhopal and having a fleet of around 500, apart from that they are having contacts with different transporters so that they can have a mutual business relationship and helps each other and trying not to run any vehicle without goods.
With Sugar : Good that transporters have bondings, but on further research, drivers take more than double the time that he should take for a trip, which not only reduces the speed of growth but also reduces the trust of goods owner, which helps the competitor to take advantage. Also It has been seen that drivers not only delay but many a times try to sell some of the goods at very cheaper rate, as we are aware of corruption acts as RBC and is mixed in blood. GPS reduces time of trip, GPS reduces unnecessary Stoppages, GPS increases Trust, GPS helps to grow, GPS helps to have an eye and can monitor vehicle and its goods.

Without Sugar: To and fro business, completely dependent on trips, sometime vehicle completes its trip in a day or some times it takes more than double, triple or even more, depends upon personal work that driver have, He don't think about loss that vehicle owner bears, he is illiterate and selling extra couple of diesel will solve his personal needs.
With Sugar: GPS helps to have complete idea, about delays, about drivers personal needs, and can increase trips if proper action is taken. Just few steps after implementing GPS to have a increase in daily growth, Software as per current workings, Customisation as per business needs,gives the ability to grow fast in an organised manner.

Without Sugar: Many times I had missed my bus for school, sometime due to tyre puncher or due to some unavoidable delays. My family and loved one's were usually anxious about the situation.
With Sugar :  Security increases as school management have controls of Rush driving or over speeding and take care of students reaching home on time and Additionally, sending important messages of bus arrival departure or in case of some delays notifying parents, just to ensure that child's safety is most important for any school and parent.

Without Sugar: Risk Not only for girls but as robbery and dacoits, guys too are not safe and Its better to take halt or wait till morning. Sometimes requires to bear double the charge.
With Sugar: Panic button integration in GPS to increase security, and live monitoring by owner to increase trust for his own business. Proper following of route and safety concerns could be the only option for drivers.

Without Sugar: Drivers do reach on time at hospital as they have siren facility. After call for ambulance at accident spot it do reach as fast as it can reach certain amount of distance.
With Sugar: Hospital management will get to know few minutes earlier of reaching patient. Nearest Ambulance as per priority could be send at accident spot, and taking shortest or non-traffic route, increasing the probability of saving life.

Without Sugar: Travelling is common and lots of people travels from place to place, Delays are common, due to improper network, there is always situation of worry, tension by the loved ones.
With Sugar: Proper information of exact location, and proper notifications of Delays, A message before departure from source and a message before arrival to destination to care takers.

GPS is not the one that should only be seen for business prospects, but it is one to make one's life easy, knowing you and your business, your way in life and potential to grow. Robust and Sustainable product and easily adaptable software as per current business and need.


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